Management Consulting

Unique, well thought and appropriate advises and solutions for business growth


Successful solution always starts with good understanding where we are now

Evaluation of company's bottlenecks
Evaluation of risks
Evaluation of specific area or function
General evaluation of situation

Efficiency and Performance

Successful business depends not only what we do but also how we do it

Leading or optimising meetings
Employee motivation and performance
Business Processes Improvement
Moderation (e.g. brainstorms; conflict situations; problem analysis)
As Mentor for manager or key employees
Advise for improvement

Strategic Management

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do /M.Porter/

Leading process of Strategy development
Strategic analysis and alternatives
Strategy Implementation Plan
Strategy Review
Support during implementation of Strategy

Change Management

Change is the only constant in life /Heraclitus/ 

Support during significant changes
Supervision of Change projects
Development of organisational Structure and implementation support
Development of Change Plan


Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it /Z.K.Abdelnour/

Advisor for business Owners or Managers about everyday challenges and decision making support

Knowledge Management

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest /B.Franklin/

Evaluation of Knowledge Management (KM) maturity in the company
Development of KM initiatives
Supervision and support of KM projects


Janis Briedis

Our expert - Janis is experienced Management Consultant with a history of working for a number of industries by helping customers to succeed in their respective business. To implement vision about his way of providing consulting services he established company Kavitvana on Year 2008. The name of company means "knowledge" in Sanskrit language.



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Years of Professional experience


Janis Briedis

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